Breastmilk Jewelry and Gifts: Breastmilk, Placenta, Hair, and Ash

Breastmilk bead jewelry

Breastmilk pearl with sterling silver bead cap and eye pin. This pearl can be created with color tint, gold, or stainless hardware. Chain not included.

Keepsakes are a special way to remember the love, tears, and wonder of the baby years. Breastmilk Keepsake jewelry and ornaments will be worn and cherished and passed down for years to come so browse the options I have available. Remember that these items are created right here in the Nashville area. Let me know if you see something you would like or if you have an original design so I can create it for you. Because breastmilk jewelry keepsakes make unique gifts consider this for a special parent in your life.

Furthermore, keepsakes can be created using Breastmilk and Placenta as well as Locks of Hair, and Cremation Ash. You choose from Gold, Sterling Silver, or Stainless Steel hardware. Some pieces have limited options. Additionally you can choose color or multiple inclusions in your design.

Breastmilk jewelry is created when milk is taken through a delicate multi step process that takes 3-6 weeks. This is in order to preserve your milk so that it can be used in jewelry in it’s purest form and will retain it’s color and purity.

I have been serving Middle Tennessee as a Doula and then Placenta Encapsulator since 2009 and am thrilled to be bringing Breastmilk Jewelry creation to Nashville and surrounding areas.

  • Breastmilk faceted European Bead with gold hardware.  Chain not included.

  • Placenta faceted European bead with gold hardware.  Chain not included.



  • Breastmilk filled Tear Shaped Locket.  Sterling Silver.  Chain not included.  Lockets can have two inclusions, one in each side. Multiple inclusions have added cost.



  • Large placenta pendent with gold flecks and gold hardware. Chain not included.



  • Breastmilk rose floating inside a gold rimmed glass locket.  Chain not included.  



  • Placenta smooth European bead with iridescent blue tint and silver hardware.  Chain not included.