I was very skeptical of the concept of getting my placenta encapsulated and after some research, I still wasn’t sure. Last minute, I found Anna Morgan online and was very glad I went with my decision to do it. Anna was very reassuring and informative and helped me feel as though I had made the right informed decision.
Since I found Anna late, I got to experience the difference of postpartum for over a week without ingesting the placenta encapsulation and having them. It truly is night and day. Those 9 days were exceedingly difficult, but very soon after with the pills, everything truly leveled out and made life much easier.
Whenever I get the chance, I have recommended Anna’s services to anyone who may need them.

A word from Dad:
Had heard of placenta consumption before but never encapsulation, I was exceptionally curious when I heard this was the option my partner had chosen. I was very impressed with the warm, professional service we received; all of our questions were answered and we felt very comfortable with Anna Morgan. My feelings of encapsulation have changed, it is a wonderful option that has helped my partner emotionally which makes life at home easy and allows us to focus on our beautiful new addition. I would definitely recommend Enshira to a friend. Cassie Y

Anna was quick to respond when I contacted her about services. She answered all my questions and was very personable. I was impressed with how convenient she made the entire process with little extras like the cooler kit I was able to just put in my hospital bag and her “in-hospital pick up”. My pills were ready before I was even home! I had done encapsulation before but the process with Anna was so much easier and I saw better results this time, possibly because I had them so quickly and could start taking them so much sooner. Thanks Anna for such a pleasant experience!
Amanda H

I would recommend your services to anyone. When I was first trying to decide if I wanted to have my placenta encapsulated, you answered all of the questions that I had, and did so thoroughly/promptly. You were quick to pick up my placenta from the hospital and quick to deliver the capsules to me. You were very kind and even checked up on me a couple of times postpartum. If everyone was as kind as you, the world would be a much better place. I appreciate you and your services and hope to work with you again in the future!

When I am pregnant with my 2nd child, I’m wanting to have you as my doula AND my encapsulator! ♥

Anna was awesome! I didn’t think I’d get to have my placenta encapsulated and she’s helped make that possible for me! I’ve been more than overjoyed with her services, her kindness, and her helpfulness. She was very informative and made sure I understood the process and was very timely with the encapsulation. Thanks, Anna!
Kellye B.

“My placenta encapsulation experience with Anna was amazing! Anna exceeded all my expectations. She was very quick to respond anytime I had a question before and after my encapsulation. I highly recommend Anna and plan to use her again during any future pregnancies.” -Tiffany

Amazing overall experience! This was my first placenta encapsulation and third child. My recovery and experience has been a much easier transition this time compared to my second birth and postpartum. I struggled with mild depression and recovery in the past and this time has been much different and very uplifting. Anna was prompt, very accommodating, nurturing, and very professional in the delivery of her services; a joy to work with in this experience. She will be my first and top, maybe my only recommendation in placenta encapsulation in this region.

I could not be any more please with the services provided. She came to the hospital the same night our baby was born AND returned the capsules within 24 hours. Not to mention she went out of her way to inform me of the process and answer any and all questions that I had. I would recommend this to all of my friends expecting children. Thank you so much again!

This is the second time I have encapsulated and I have had a great experience both times. I totally recommend it and Anna is amazing and makes the whole process easy.

I met a few people that could do the placenta encapsulation but Anna took the extra time to truly explain how the process works and what the benefits were. I really appreciated that since I had a lot of questions. She was very communicative with me throughout the process. I was most interested in the encapsulation for anxiety, breast milk supply and most importantly, postpartum depression. After a few days, she continued to check on me and troubleshoot some things with me. I felt very taken care of and definitely recommend Anna and placenta encapsulation!
Renee G.

I chose Ana because of all of the positive feedback that I read. I have been very impressed. Not only were her services amazing but she is still emailing me and helping me though my postpartum journey. She is just an amazing person! Highly recommended and I will use her services with future pregnancies!
Marjorie C.