Placenta Preperation

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The encapsulation process begins with your beautiful placenta. Your encapsulator is happy to photograph your placenta for you if you would like. Following the Traditional  Method of encapsulation we steam and dehydrate your placenta to prepare it for encapsulation. With this method the drying process will take approximately ten hours.  You may also choose to have your placenta processed following the raw start method. This method skips steaming and goes straight to dehydrating the placenta.  When using the raw start method the placenta will be dried for approximately 18 hours to ensure it is completely dry.  The time and temperature also ensure there is no bacterial growth and maintains freshness.  Additionally, the half and half preparation gives you some pills processed traditionally and some processed using the raw start method.


If you have looked into placenta encapsulation you may have noticed that there are differences in encapsulation preferences.  Some of these are  location, encapsulator, and method, which can be very confusing. Therefore, I would like to present the options so you, the parent, can make the informed decision that is best for you.

Location options: Your home or your encapsulator’s workspace, whether that be her personal home or a professional placenta kitchen. There are no laws in Tennessee regulating the location an independent encapsulator chooses in which to process. Blood borne Pathogen Training for Placenta Encapsulators teaches how to properly clean and sanitize the workspace before beginning and after completion of the encapsulation process. Additionally it teaches how to adhere to universal precautions for safety and sanitation. For this reason, it is important for you to know the reputation of your encapsulator. Know that you can ask to see that the encapsulators trainings are up to date. 

Encapsulating in the encapsulator’s workspace:

Pros: Your placenta is picked up within 24 hours, usually sooner, from your place of birth. Your only job is to be sure it is placed on ice or in a refrigerator within two hours of birth. Most encapsulation specialists are happy to send photos of the process to you as they work and immediately after the process is completed if you request. Once the encapsulation is complete, it is returned to you. You do not have to make any plans or make sure your home and kitchen are clean and sanitized.  According to  OSHA standards this requires the use of chemical sanitation products.

Cons: Your placenta is out of your care. The concern some people have is that you cannot be certain that you are getting pills made from your placenta.  Also you cannot know how your placenta was cared for when it isn’t in your care from start to finish.

Encapsulation in your own Home:

Pros: Your placenta is never out of your care or the care of a family member or friend. You have someone you know overseeing the process from start to finish. You can have your own pictures taken of the process and have the ability to visit with and get to know your encapsulation specialist while she works. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about encapsulation, the process, and it’s benefits. If you have a home birth or are home quickly following the birth you can see the process yourself if you choose.

Cons: You are responsible for arranging for someone to get your placenta to your home and keep it on ice or in the refrigerator until arrangements are made to meet the encapsulator at your home to begin the process. There should always be someone present when the encapsulator is in your home. Your kitchen must be thoroughly cleaned before the encapsulator arrives so she is able to properly sanitize and work with the most safety to you and your family, as well as to herself. You would be responsible to assure the dehydrator is never shut off during the encapsulation process as that can cause the placenta to be unfit to consume. Pets in the home must be considered and usually contained so there is no risk of contamination. The sounds and smells of the encapsulation are pleasant to some but disagreeable to others. Some consider these cons to be more inconvenient than negatives.

As a doula and Certified placenta arts and encapsulation specialist I strive to provide you professional, caring service along with accurate information so that each of my clients can make the best and most informed decision regarding their care. I treat every placenta with the respect deserved and adhere to the highest standards for safety and sanitation for the protection of every client no matter which location is chosen. Another precaution I take is never having more than one placenta at a time in my possession.

You, the new parent, and the care of your placenta are our highest priority!

*We no longer offer the option of encapsulating in your home. All placenta encapsulation is done in Anna’s work space.