We begin with your beautiful placenta. We are happy to photograph your placenta for you. Following the Traditional Method of encapsulation we steam and dehydrate your placenta to prepare it for encapsulation. You also have the option to have raw start which skips the steaming and only dehydrates. This is contraindicated for mothers who test positive for GBS. You can also choose a half and half preparation.

Placenta prints are a wonderful keepsake to remember this beautiful connection you and your child had before his/her birth. We offer natural placenta prints where the placental blood acts as the ink and is sprayed with a sealant to protect coloring.

Color placenta prints are a special keepsake that will be unique to your placenta by shape, vessel positioning, and cord length. Color prints are created using food grade colorant and painted over a barrier between your placenta and the food colorant. This is to protect your placenta from any colorant and also to protect your print from any blood. These prints are also sprayed with a sealant to preserve them.

Your baby’s umbilical cord can be dehydrated as a keepsake or you can choose to have the cord powdered and added to your pills. If keepsake is chosen, depending on the length of your cord it may be heart-shaped, your babies initial, the word LOVE, or a circle. You may request your preference and it will be done if possible depending on what is available.

After your placenta has been prepared, it will be powdered and placed into vegetarian or gelatin capsules. For an additional fee you can request berry flavored gelatin capsules.

Your pills and tincture will be packaged in labeled cobalt blue glass jars and bottles and mailed to your home following part 2 of the encapsulation process, along with any other placenta products you requested.